Short Stories and Poems

A Place in Natural Bridge

The Local Dumpsters in Natural Bridge

“You follow the road that winds like a black snake…” he said.

“You’ll go for several miles.”

The dumpster was on the right, across from the abandoned antique store and cow field.

The place of human truth and residue.

“Items must fit into containers!”

“This facility open for Rockbridge County residents ONLY.”

“Violaters will be prosecuted”

(what? They have video cameras in the trees?)

Stained mattresses, cases and cases of beer thrown

Mostly into the forest green containers.

A dog’s leg sticks out. Hard, obvious.

No money for euthanasia nowadays…

State layoffs.

Baby formula cans, lawn furniture, condoms on the pavement by

Shards of a crushed tape cassette

Crows confer eagerly amongst the day’s pickings.

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