Short Stories and Poems

No Time to Remember


The forest floor is stacked with wet leaves

under a sunless mask glaring through

soaked and falling trees.

But I force myself to look ahead,

rather than down.

Well more than half-way through a human life expectancy,

I fail to see any public summit or pivotal experience

to earmark my life.

A standard, dull obituary.


The trail is washed out from the storm; muddy and jagged.

Turning back now, I see the trail I walked just moments before,

empty of me.

I realize I will never forget life’s disappointments.

Embarrassments. Stunted aspirations, desires, and

I simply and naturally no longer care;

the space in my head has been filled with thoughts that tumble like a stone in a sanding machine,

Never reaching smoothness and resolution.


Today, the trick is just to live, I think.

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