Short Stories and Poems

Fall Storm in the Night

Too much talk.

Parrot purrs…

Clouds darken.

You’re on the phone too much

Recumbent on the wet porch chair with your Canada Dry.

The trees told me to tell you

To watch for

Envelopes of open sky,

And changing keys in this song we sing through life,

Treble and bass line

Watch for the yellow oak leaves on the way down the driveway

And the stillness of the grass.

An average life is 80 years

Which leaves us 25

By 25 I was jumping horses                                                                                                    

You were opening safes on the Southside.

2035 would be the average lifespan-

flip on who goes first-

cremation or burial?

We’ve done both-

burn the identity and bury the memories-

how else can one survive.

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