Pond in the Woods

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A mile from the house is a pond

no one knows

but me

because I made it.

Shovel, hands,

I found the soft spot-

a hidden spring behind a tower of earth.

My shovel chinked the ground until a drizzle

of cold water bled out and the cave gave way.

Like birthing a hidden soul

I plunged my hands into the cavity

until water poured as a mortal wound.

The biggest, muddiest crayfish appeared-

claws unplucked,

I marveled at his unmarked ancient body.

I submerged myself in the mucky goo of the underworld and was finally satisfied-

I was unrecognizable and filled with thrill.

Peonies, lilies, goldfish




they all made their homes

in the pond in the woods

that will one day flow again

for another


at heart.

Look for the peonies.

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