Stories with a horse, ghosts, depression, alcohol, houses





The aroma of coffee and freezer vapor

Cigarette packs slung like poker chips

Sexual Enhancement supplements next to

Aunt Cassie’s homemade peanut butter fudge.

A dog sits and pants in a white Lexus

Joe’s Catfish Pond

Call Jason for mowing and yard work

Haunted House Tour

Lost Cat

Lost Pitbull mix-last seen on Kessler Mill Road.

Indian Owner

(Doesn’t smile unless you do)

Flips lottery tickets onto counter beside

The M&M display-

Pieces of silver scatter

Like fingernail clippings.

Wonder Bread

Fresh Farm eggs

Nightcrawlers (next to the Parkay Margarine)

Something for every human condition:


Miniature aspirin packets

Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Magnum condoms

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